Our mission

We have high standards and take pride in all we do.

As a leading international steel supplier focused on ensuring the success of its clients and providers, Four Bells’ steel products portfolio covers all major product categories of carbon and special steel with multiple quality standards for them to satisfy your industry. Our products range from semi-elaborated steel, long carbon steel, flat carbon steel, special steel and raw materials and secondaries, which can all be drilled down to more specialized products to meet your needs.

Inside the semi-elaborate steel product category, you can find intermediate steel produced in foundries. These products are used for further processing towards the goal of turning them into finished steel products. They are available in an ample variety of sizes, grades and forms typically labeled as steel billets, slabs and pig iron.

Inside the long steel product category, you can find wire, rods, rails, bars, and other structural components that are made from steel blooms and billets that typically have a broad use in the construction industry.

Inside the flat steel product category, rolls or sheets of steel that are rolled from slabs are offered with a wide range of dimensions and thickness to attend the needs of multiple industries including the automobile, the domestic appliances and construction industries.

Inside the special steel product category, you will find products with special chemical and alloy compositions with special properties to be fit to whatever very specific need you and your operation has.

Inside the raw materials and secondaries category, you will find the necessary hard materials for your production, this includes the multiple grades and types of Iron Ore and Steel Scrap.

Just tell us your goal and we will help you reach it