About Four Bells

Our history

Established in 2009 Four Bells Resources originated with the purpose of serving as a reserved trader for manufacturing and distributing operations in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. The company was solely focused on supplying semi-elaborated, long and flat steel products to the already established connecting operations until its procurement proved so effective and competitive against external suppliers.

As of 2018, Four Bells Resources launches a strategic plan to expand to new markets in Central America and the Caribbean.

Now, in 2021 the company works with over 70 different manufacturing houses in more than 15 countries all around the world to provide the most competitive and quality standard offer to its portfolio of over 100 clients between the Americas.



Leave footprints that transform the supply chain of our clients.


At Four Bells Resources we look to be your number one option for procuring the materials and solutions required to meet your business goals.


People with the People: We are close and collaborative. We share the same goal for the future, being each of us a key component to achieve it.

Simplicity: We focus on a culture of innovation, agility and simplicity in our processes, as the main axis for our growth.

Openness: We listen to our people and our customers, always adapting and collaborating with a favorable attitude towards innovation for business development.

Customer Centricity: You are our main priority. We are focused on your needs, and put you first when it comes to decision-making as we look to offer the best products and solutions for you.

Just tell us your goal and we will help you reach it